NUMA collection is the brainchild of Melika Dahlouk to celebrate creativity through conscious jewelry and accessories that are designed for women and men who think out of the box and wish to support sustainable creativity.

For the past 20 years, Melika Dahlouk has been working as a humanitarian affairs officer for UN agencies and international NGOs, focusing on human rights, development issues as well as women entrepreneurship, before founding NUMA collection in 2009 with the aim to give new opportunities to expert artisans.

NUMA's style and messages are universal, and as such, sustainable craftsmanship and timeless refinement are at the heart of each and every NUMA collection piece. NUMA collection is shaped by the understanding of jewelry and accessories design as an always evolving and sustainable creative process that is based on human- and animal-friendly work and design ethics.

NUMA collection lines grow organically, step by step, with each and every new statement style that is handcrafted by a skilled team of artisans. When you wear NUMA, you can be sure that your unique jewelry, leather and weaving design piece was made with respect for people, animals and the planet.