With the aim to constantly push the boundaries of jewelry, leather and traditional weaving, NUMA's artisans are passionate advocates of cultural heritage and traditional skills, all determined by their willingness to innovate and their eagerness to learn.

NUMA collection started with three gifted artisans in 2009 and now empowers twenty jewelry, leather and weaving experts. Each artisan is continuously supported with expert training and education, suitable equipment and work tools, as well as a higher, sustainable revenue. NUMA's women artisans are provided with a work-life balance made to match their daily responsibilities. In addition to the main team that operates in Tunisia, NUMA collaborates with NGOs and visual artists on a regular basis.

Committed to both cultural heritage and sustainability, NUMA's artisans constantly work against the destructive pattern of mass-market fashion production and consumption by manufacturing NUMA collection locally, with maximum support and minimum waste. NUMA jewelry is made of precious recycled 18 carat gold, sterling silver and brass. The collection's bags, for their part, are made of up-cycled Italian leathers and French fabrics, while NUMA's cotton thread used for weaving is sustainably sourced.

Driven by their passion for high-quality and eco-friendly design, NUMA's skilled team of artisans continues to reinvent NUMA collection with a joyful spirit, a strong vision and a relentless passion for craftsmanship.